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1:  the uppermost point : vertex <the apex of a mountain>
     最高點 : 頂點 <山的頂端>

2:  the highest or culminating point <the apex of his career>

Merriam Webster

We know there are many choices on the market, but what sets us apart is the way that we work with our clients to achieve their goals and build lasting relationships. We measure success based on customer satisfaction and take pride when our they achieve their goals.

我們知道市場上有許多選擇, 而Apex與眾不同之處就是我們和顧客建立長久且良好的關係,並幫助他們達成目標。我們以顧客滿意度做為衡量企業成功與否的基礎,我們以協助顧客達標為榮 !

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Apex Language Consulting and Training was established with the philosophy of providing the absolute best possible English language consulting services on the island. As the founding partners, we decided to form a company a company with the belief that we could provide a higher standard of service at a more reasonable price. With that in mind, we named our company Apex, meaning the top - the peak. It symbolizes our approach to everything that we do, and is a constant reminder of our mission to deliver the highest level of service possible.



About Us / 關於我們


Apex was founded in 2016 by a husband and wife who have extensive professional experience working at some of the world’s biggest international firms before transitioning into the field. For us, language is a lifelong passion and we want our clients to know that we are fully committed to helping them achieve their goals and will be with them for the long haul. Specializing in helping business professionals, no challenge is too difficult;  we have successfully written major speeches for CEOs, crafted keynote presentations for professors and coached working professionals for interviews overseas. Contact us today to set up a free initial consultation to find out how Apex can help you reach the top!

擎宇菁英訓練公司,由一對夫妻共同創立於2016年,由於雙方在轉行投入語文教育的領域之前,就已經擁有在國際大型企業豐富的工作經歷,而秉持著對語言長期的熱誠,我們全心投入並致力幫助我們的客戶達成目標,我們提供客戶永續性的服務,當顧客需要語言服務時,我們都長期地在旁協助! Apex專精於商用專業領域,可以協助完成各項任務以及挑戰,只要顧客提出需求。我們多次為CEO,在重大場合撰寫精彩的演講稿,為專家教授設計專題簡報,並且指導許多專業人士,順利進行海外訪談或通過國外面試。今天就連絡我們,並安排第一次免費諮詢服務,了解Apex如何幫助你達到顛峰!

Services / 服務內容

Below is a list of just a few of the services we offer. If you are in need of help and don’t see what you’re looking for listed, please feel free to inquire and we will do our best to assist you in any way possible.


General English for Individuals

Aimed at increasing student’s confidence and active memory through rich and varied discussion of general English topics such as travel and survival English, shopping, food and dining out, movies, etc.


Business English for Professionals

Organised around professional tasks and work-related situations of busy executives such as: socialising, meetings and teleconferences, presentations, negotiations, emails, telephoning, and report writing


English Exam Preparation

We can help you build skills, improve weaker areas and learn exactly which exam answers score highly for a range of of English exams: TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE

1-on-1 Consulting / Editing

Extensive editing of work-related material for language and style after verifying intended meaning. 










Contact Us / 聯絡我們


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